At Dessin, we take each adoption seriously. We make every effort to ensure that the match between the animal and your family is one that will bring happiness to everyone involved.

Adopting From Us

  • Spay and neuter: No pet leaves our shelter without being spayed or neutered -- even kittens and puppies as young as 8 weeks old.  By spaying and neutering our adoptees, as well as offering our spay/neuter program to the general public, we are trying to make ourselves part of the solution to the pet overpopulation problem.

  • Ten point behavioral assessment: A formal, ten point behavioral assessment is conducted on each dog to attempt to identify aggression or behavior problems, as well as to learn about the dog's personality, with the ultimate purpose being to help us determine what the best type of home would be for each particular dog/puppy, in order to help raise the odds of a successful match. 
  • Health care program: Dessin has a progressive health care program to ensure that all pets offered for adoption are as healthy as possible. All animals surrendered to our shelter are started immediately on a vaccination and flea, mite and deworming program.  Cats and kittens are also tested for feline leukemia.

  • Microchips: Our pets also go out the door microchipped (registration is included in the adoption fee.)

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees include the costs involved with the following services which ensure the health and safety of your new pet:
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Microchip and registration
  • Flea, mite and worm medicine
  • Feline leukemia screenings

2014 -2015 Rates

 Dog Adoption Rates:

 Begin at $100

 Puppy Adoption Rates:
 Begin at $225
 Cat Adoption Rates:

 2 Kittens 2 for $100
  Cats $30

7/70:  Senior pets adopted by senior humans: $7 as long as the pet is 7 years old or older and the person adopting is 70 years old or older (some animals may not qualify)

Call for monthly feline adoption specials!

Pennsylvania residents are required to leave with a dog license.  For details on pricing, contact your county treasurer's office.

Cat Application

Dog Application

Print it out, fill it out and return to: 

138 Miller Dr.
Honesdale, PA 18431

or e-mail it to:

Find Your Next Pet

Photos of many of our pets available for adoption can now be seen at the Petfinder web site. You can also do a search for your ideal pet by going to

We encourage you to come into the shelter and meet all our wonderful pets waiting for new homes. Talk with the staff, interact with the animals, and make your choice.